Shakespeare View Farms was established in 1962 as a commercial hog operation. 1969 saw the beginning of a purebred Duroc herd. Landrace, Yorkshire and Hampshire were added over the years. Breeders from 27 countries and 7 continents came to select and buy genetics from us knowing that it would enhance their own breeding programs back home. Our mandate has always been to supply the best tasting, leanest pork possible. The Best Little Pork Shoppe was born in 1987. Those who "discovered" us then will know that we started

in our kitchen and "graduated" to the implement shed in the spring of 1990. While we no longer raise pigs ourselves, those used in the weekly production of our world famous whole hog sausage are raised and processed locally.

We work closely with local, small, independent, government-inspected packing houses to supply our carefully selected products of superior quality and taste. We don't sell
anything we don't like ourselves.

- Linda and Bruce Wettlaufer